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I had Bought my Maton Mastersound MZ500 after visiting my local music stores a number of times searching for the right guitar for me. I had just given away my Les Paul copy because it was not the right guitar for me. I was looking for a guitar that had more diversity of sound. I tried the Maton Mastersound after originally overlooking the guitar when checking out les pauls and fender tele's. But once i started playing the Maton i was so impressed i found my way back to the store 4 more days just to play the maton and each time discovering more things the mastersound could do for me. I paid $1179 for the guitar which came with a hard case. At anberra's premier music dealers Pro Audio Dickson.

I love the maton becasue it looks like a great guitar but not only that it has the sound you would expect from a guitar you could pay double the price for. I am particularly impartial to anything Australian and the fact that the mastersounds are an australian made electic guitar makes the guiter the complete package for any budding guitarist with particularly proud australian roots. I can play any genre of music with the mastersound which only comliments any style you are trying to play from funk, jazz, blues and roots, rock or contempory. The mastersound is the complete guitar for anyone looking to step up with their guitar playing.

I have found only one thing that i was not totally in love with in this guitar and that would be that if you are sitting and playing the guitar there is not enough space in the body between your leg and the strings of the guitar. My friend and i played at a diner we went to sitting on a couch and sitting even lower than normal with the lack of height in the guitar made an uncomfortable time to play. This is more of a stand and diliver guitar. This slight anoyance is still nothing when considered with the whole range the guitar offers. Im more than impressed.

The MZ500 is a solid body made of silkwood, and a rosewood fret board. The neck is slightly shorter than your regular Electric guitar but this is not neccessarily a dissadvantage making alot of chords easier to play. The switch on the guitar resembles a dial from a 1960's movie

I recomend this guitart o anyone looking for a great guitar. If you can get your mind out of the purchase and stop thinking that Gibson is superior guitar cos of its price. Im sure if you try a mastersound you will find equal quality in this guitart o a las paul for a better price. When buying a guitar make a smart purchase only spend what you need to for the quality your aiming for. Keep chilling guitar lovers

Tubs rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-22.

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