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I have been playing and recording music for some 20 years. I play drums, guitar, bass and the piano. I have been in a couple of bands but they never really went anywhere. I think that is because I really would rather write my own stuff and record it as well as record other peoples stuff. I like all kinds of music, music to me is art just like a painting on the wall, you either like it or you don't... but it is all art.

I have tried out all kinds of DAWS and I ran across this software called SAWStudio and fell in love with it; it really is a great sounding DAW. It is nothing like anything out there and this makes it hard to learn because it is in a league of its own.... all on its own! I hate reading manuals and found this video tutorial for SAWStudio and Midi WorkStation. Itís called The SS Videos and it cost $35.00 for the DVD

All the videos are on one DVD, you just put the DVD in you PC DVD player and it loads up a window with links to all the videos. There are a ton of videos that really inject you with the knowledge you need to know to run SAWStudio and MidiWork Station. The videos are BIG and clear just as if you are running the program on your PC. They are very easy to understand and the guy sounds just like an average Joe not some professor. The price is cheap for what you learn and shipping is free if shipped in the US. Also the videos play in Windows Media Players.

I guess the only I do not like is that the video are only tested on Windows Media Player but they do open up and play nice.

The Videos are big and clear and the quality is top notch. The sound is ok for someone just talking and some music here and there in the videos.

I feel that The SS Videos are a must if you are looking into SAWStudio or MidiWork Station or have the program already. The videos will have you running the programs fast. The SS Videos open your eyes to the world of SAWStudio and a whole new way of recoding audio and midi. DAWs are useless with out the knowledge you need to run them and The SS Videos unleash the power of SAWStudio and Midi WorkStation all for a low price.

Matthew rated this unit 5 on 2006-11-14.

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