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MK-900 Midi Keyboard (61 keys) Bought this along with other instruments for our music school. I am a music teacher, teaching guitar, piano, clarinet. I wanted to find somewhere that you could buy instruments for a reasonable price but good quality for our students.

Bought this on guitar-warehouse, an internet site . Paid 89.99. Was able to try it out first along with some other instrumets.

Plenty of sounds and rhythms, pitch bend and modulation. The strings and piano sounds were particularly nice, also some interesting basses. Keys not weighted but nice to play all the same.Midi connectors at back.

Could maybe do with a usb connection, but not essential as many soundcards still have midi connections and besides you can buy a midi / usb interface for very cheap.

Very nice to play considering the low price. Great sounding timbres / instruments / percussion. Well constructed and would definitely be giggable in my opinion. All the buttons worked well and pitch bend and modulation wheels were accurate and nice to use.

Was a very good purchase and I would highly recommend the Meike MK-900 as a keyboard to start off on or for students and you would definitely get a few years out of it.

Marian Tracey rated this unit 4 on 2011-02-09.

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