Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Triple Channel Reviews 5

I bought this unit new at Guitar Center in Oklahoma City for the 1499.00, and also the Mesa Boogie Traditional 4x12 Speaker Cabinet. Why I aquired the Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier? for a different sonic guitar signature.

3 independent channels with thier own Gain and Master Controls! this was very good! Tone Tone Tone.. crank it up! Growling Tone! The first channel is a clean channel which gives that Mesa Clean sound all of its own. a dual position switch (Clean/Pushed) The Pushed sound for driving the clean sound to slight distortion or a nice hard punch. The Second Channel has a 3 position switch which adds more tonal sounds, Raw/Vintage/Modern it's a great driven, even distortion. I liked it for those smoother solos and older Rock tunes. and it's very versatile. I ended up on the modern setting most of the time. The Third Channel also has a 3 position just like the second channel, But this channel has all the drive I wanted, adding deep beefy bottom end using the 3 position switch in the modern mode. Gets that real tight hard punchy bottom end we all like. Breaks windows at 30 paces. ( actually broke a bar light cover and a couple glasses vibrated off the shelf in the in house studio:-) I have enjoyed almost all aspects the Mesa Dual Rectifier. The ability to change to El34 tubes with a flip of a switch ( using matched El34 tubes from Mesa ) and a soft/ hard switch on the back to use Solid state rectifiers or the tube rectifiers This unit gives you most of the wanted options!!

I didnt like running back to the Amp for changing the per-channel switches. Raw/Vintage/Modern. I wish they made them MIDI Controled, this would have been great using the Rocktron all access Controller. Low Volume ( did I type that?) pretty buzzy so play loud! Mucho better ( get a 2x12 cab or 1x12 for practice around the house)I used the 4x12's out in the country. yes Loud is the key.

Construction was impressive. Switches and controls felt good, quality. the unit is made of durable materials and everything is tight. all internal parts where well connected ( soldered ) and neat. Since it has a sticker " Hand Made in the USA ", and the unit comes with a tag with a list of builder, inspector, tester and a few other signatures, I feel it is good quality control at work. It reflect it upon overall inspection.

In addition, I currently use Rocktron Voodu Valve driving a Marshall EL34 50/50, Also have a Rocktron Prophesy preamp driving a Marshall 9200, 100/100 watt amp. The 2 Speaker cabs used for each setup are Marshall 1960a with Vintage 30 speakers. also a few other amps/cab combos. There are sounds that the Marshall's are known for, then there is a Dual Rectifier. I switch between the different Amps. I keep finding myself going back to the Dual Rectifier for more and more parts of a song. The Dual Rectifier definatly sounds Much deeper with a Mesa Cab, and Tighter. I tried it with Marshal cabs ( Vintage 30's) and the Marshall Cabs where flabby on the hard bottom end. but removing some of the bass out cures that. For hard deep punch get the Mesa Cab. Its worth it. ( heavier paper cones?) The Leather Covering is really nice, classy touch, even the speaker cab is covered. and a great overall looks. One of the best amps I have owned. And will keep.

Hacksaw rated this unit 5 on 2003-07-12.

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