Mesa Boogie Nomad 100 Solo Head Reviews 5

Bought privately for $2000 second hand. Before you all fall of your chair with that one just remember I live in Australia and here the Nomad 100 head retails for about $4,200. Exchange rates suck real bad.

Love the versatility. This amp takes a while to learn but once you're there it's just a joy to play. The 5 Band eq is a unique feature to this nomad and is well worth the extra money escpecially for shaping distorted tones. I have switched the power tubes to el34s and it sounds amazing. Channel 1 goes from dark and round to transperent and shimmery. Flick to "pushed" mode and you get a grainy breakup. Channel 2 goes from clean to turbo-vintage. With the el34s this can sound particuarly "brown" which I really like. Channel 3 WOW. Yeah you can get edgy cleans but the reason I'm here is for the incredible distortion. I run my gain and treble settings at about 1-2 o'clock and bass and presence at about 3 o'clock and it's the best distorted sound I've heard live out of any amp! Awesome!

The only black mark I can think of is no switch for effects loop on/off. As a result I use my effects out the front of the biggie. Also it's so heavy! lol!

Very sturdy and well built. I have the long head version and a characteristic that struck me as odd was the reverb tank protrudes under the chassis through a pretty roughly cut hole in the wood. While this is hardly visible it does mean that unless you have a road case you want to be careful where you put this amp down.

Great versatile amp that pulls of a variety of sought after of tones not only with conviction but and attitude all of its own. Fromm Knopfler to Tool to Disturbed to Coldplay this amp has your back! Check one'll be glad you did!

Maurice rated this unit 5 on 2004-06-02.

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