Mesa Boogie Recto-verb 50 combo Reviews 5

I bought this amazing amp at Richmond Music. I paid 1200 for it, it might seem like a little much but it is deffinately worth it. I went origionally looking at an F series amp but as soon as i played this rectfier i was sold. The distortion is amazing and offers three different modes(Raw, Vintage, and Modern). The clean chanel offers a clean and pushed mode. Despite what you might have heard, the clean sound, at least on this amp, is amazingly warm and smooth. This amp is probably the best amp i have ever played and despite only being rated at 50 watts(Which might just be a modest power rating by Mesa) it is insanely loud. The combo is a 3/4 open back design so you get the best of a closed and open back combo.

I love the tone of this amp. It is second to none. Dont accept substitues, Mesa is the premier name in guitar amplification! I also like the versitility in the different types of distorted and clean sounds you can get out of it. Also, having it in the combo form is a more versitile option. If you just sat this baby on top of a 2x12 recto cabinet this thing would sound even better(which is hard to belive)

Nothing at all, exept it is a little heavy, but i have no problem luggin it around for the tone that it gives me.

Do i need to say anything? Its a Mesa! It is made like a tank, the tubes are 100% protected, and i have a feeling that this thing will last the rest of my life.

If you love distortion, or a good clean sound, look no further than Mesa. These things are just incredible. I would highly recomend that you save up your money and buy one of these things because they truly are the holy grail of guitar amps

Matt rated this unit 5 on 2003-11-09.

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