Mesa Engineering Road King Head and Cabinet Reviews 5

Purchased for personal use from Music Villa in Bozeman, MT (one of the finest guitar shops in the country). At Music Villa, I was able to demo the "real thing" a very expensive item to carry in inventory. But it's so special that once you play it, you have to own it, and I couldn't find it at much "larger" shops.

I purchased the Road King for its phenomenal tonal range and flexibility. It's easy to use and set up, and yet has the flexibility of set-up that lets you create "TONE" with a capital T.


Both the enginnering and execution of the Road King head and cabinets make them unqualified leaders.

This is an amp that's so good I can play it for myself late at night and feel like Clapton or Van Halen with tones alone. I own Fender Twins and Cyber Twins, Roland Monitors and effects, A Seymore Duncan TARA and a Bassman.

gruff rated this unit 5 on 2004-10-30.

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