Mesa Nomad 100 Reviews 5

i purchased this unit at long & mcquade (as much as i hate those guys) in regina sk. for, shoot i don't even remember, in 2002.

I have found an absolutly terrific sound for any type of genre that i have choosen to explore. Hard rock, blues, a little punk, and this thing delivers no matter what the chore is, if i want a clean/warm tone or a distorted one. The ability to 'choose' between a vintage, or modern tone was what made me look at mesa in the first place (the first channel gives you the option of clean/pushed, and you can find some seriously loud sounds there).

It's heavy!! and of course haveing a amp that says marshall is sort of a manhood thing (I still made the right decision).

solid as a rock, if you are going to be moving this thing around, don't worry about bumps, it can handle it.

I looked at fender, marshall, and ended up choosing mesa, I LITERALLY traded in my car to afford this thing (hey, i was 16 and had my priorities damn well straght).

P. Babey rated this unit 5 on 2004-04-22.

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