Mesa Rectifer 50w Amp Reviews 5

1500$ Cash from the MESA Wearhouse, brand NEwwww..

I like everything about this amp, first is the look, it's tuf and realy good made, i shude say the best made,and the sound of this baby is prisles, I play punk rock and i love the way it sounds when i do pallmute and once the tube start warmingup it goes crazy!! Clean sound like no other.

The price$ but is worthit. And it's so sad that allot of guitar player don't now about MESA! they allways go for the Marshall, but believme, Marshall is 80% MESA 110%

Quality is great because is made with the best of the best metals to Tubes!

Hey Guy if your really looking into a great sound, don't worrie paying a few more bucks $ it is worth, just mess around with it,and your going to want to kiss it every night before you go to sleep...

Luis rated this unit 5 on 2004-06-11.

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