Michael Gee Hauser model Classical Guitar Reviews 5

I bought the Michael Gee from Stafford Guitars in England for $5300. I was looking for a spruce-top guitar with the sound quality of a Hauser and one that was easy to play, as well.

The Gee is a dream to look at and play. Michael uses a lacquer back and side finish for durability and a French polish finish on the top for best sound production. The European spruce is gorgeous with a good deal silk. The tuning machines are by David Rodgers with outstanding buttons which almost look purple in the light. He incorporates a bridge on the style of John Gilbert, but with his own touches. But, it's the sound that makes you realize what a wonderful instrument you have in your hands. The sound jumps out of the guitar. The separation of notes is just what you'd want in a classical guitar. The bases do not overpower the trebles, which are nice and bright.

There is absolutely nothing to dislike about the Michael Gee made classical guitar.

Michael uses top-grade European spruce for the top. The neck is cedar and the sides are made of Indian rosewood. The tuning machines are the best made ones in the world, made by David Rodgers in England.

If you are in search of a world-class professional-grade classical guitar, you won't be steered wrong by looking at Michael Gee's instruments.

Hans rated this unit 5 on 2002-10-29.

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