Michael Kelly Guitars Firefly 5FL Reviews 3

It's a very typical 'acoustic bass' that looks like a folk guitar, except that it has 5 strings.

Less than $400, used, no case. I got it from ParkWay Music in Clifton Pk. NY. I thought it would be handy in our quiet 'Diva Duo' [vox/KB and bass].

It's very affordable and sounds 'acoustic'.

The rather close string spacing is extra awkward on an awkward ax like an acoustic bass geetar.

I had to add some wood to wake up the B-string. The oval hole that that passes the lead from the ribbon PU down into the body was too big, or not enuf off-to-the-side from the bridge ... such that there wasn't enuf wood under the ribbon at the B-string position. Glueing in extra wood and moving the hole fixed this. It's not rocket scientist work, but it's pretty tedious working inside a guitar thru the sound hole ....

It's not a bad buy. I liked it enuf to do the fix [the too-big wiring hole], rather than jusr return it. OTOH, I have nicer basses and it was prolly dumb to get this ... cuz it just lacks that 'Hey, play ME !' essence that my other basses have ... so it gets neglected. I'm rating it a '3' cuz I *think* it's better than a '2'. I spoze QA varies, so you should buy one only where you can play it. This had the weak B-string when I trialed it in the shop .... but I just thought it was a tired old string. So you should not only play before you buy, but make sure you have a refund period as well.

Golem rated this unit 3 on 2010-06-03.

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