Michael Kelly Studio-QSE 6 String Reviews 5

Looking at a Gibson j-185ec and knew at 19 years old thats out of my league, so i went about looking for similar guitars and i found it in the michael kelly. i did not think it would be as nice as it is. but for the price of $285 that i purchesed it off of ebay i was happy. if your doing the math at home that means you could have 8 m.kelly's for the price of the gibson. and they sound amazing.

I have done quite a few recordings with my michael kelly. and when my friends here them they almost always say you must have a gibson, martin, or some expensive guitar and all are shocked when i tell them its a michael kelly. i live in virginia and my local shop just got some basses by kelly and are thinking over the guitars. i talked to them for an hour about how great they are. the answer to what i like is everything. i couldn't ask for better. as a matter of fact i haven't bought an acoustic since. and the only ones i would get now is the gibson j185ec or another m.kelly

the only thing i must say is that its hard to find a michael kelly dealer. thats it.

its in great shape, looks like a gibson 185ec other then there is no pickguard. it is simply the most beautiful guitar i have ever seen.

this is a company i see sitting close to the top of the guitar making industry in years to come. get them now before michael kelly turns in to the next gibson or martin top quality great price good service and great sound it's as close to perfect as you can get. i have 10 guitars from many makers and that guitar is my hands down favorite

dashsharp rated this unit 5 on 2004-05-04.

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