Mickael Kelly Guitars Quilt Custom II 5-String Acoustic Bass Reviews 5

I bought this bass thru Ebay. I payed exactly $354.00 (shipping included). Although it was sold thru Ebay, the seller was the same company that makes them (M.K.)

First of all, I was looking for a bass that didn't need amplification, so I wouldn't disturbed my parents, so an acoustic bass was the answer.It's a pretty well constructed bass, the finish is nearly "perfect", considering it has some "flaws" (the ones sold on Ebay are b- quality), which I didn't even found.the thing love the most is the precious inlaid fongerboard, with pearl and abalone it's shines! The electronics are better than my electric bass! their active(3 band EQ).Oh and another great thing; some acoustic basses do NOT come with stap pins, guess what? mine did...

There are some things that I didn't satisfied me, because, nothing is perfect. First, the electronics are on the treble side, sonicly. And second,out of the box the g-string buzzed a little bit,BUT,a minor turn of the truss rod eliminated it completley.

the construction is pretty good,considering it with flaws as I already said,it's nearley perfect. There are some yellowish spots on the necks binding, but you nearley have to use a magnifying lens to see it. Oh, and the quilt maple is naturally beatiful!!

Overall it's a pretty awesome bass, versatile electronics, beatifull aesthetics; and well, I love it.

rated this unit 5 on 2002-12-26.

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