Millennia AS-104-AE Reviews 5

Bought this Ovation clone at I had alot of reservations ordering on line but guess what?....It was exactly what I wanted and expected. I paid a mere $229 for this.

I like the fact that this plays, feels and sounds like the Ovation CS-257, UNBELIEVABLE. The EQ is rather plain and I thought it would be a disappointment but it performs right up there with the Fishman on my Ibanez!

The strings kind of buzzed when I got it but instructions came on how to set it up so I adjusted the truss rod 1/4 turn and the problem was fixed:no more buzzing strings.

Plastic bowlback is the style of this one with a spruce top (black), 4 band eq, gold tuners, cloud fret markers. Looks great!!

$229, how can you beat that?????? What an instrument, I can't wait to see the future models on this website!

frank rated this unit 5 on 2003-05-26.

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