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I was looking for a good guitar at a fair price and I surfed the web. I have always wanted an Ovation and could never see parting with the $500 or so for a Celebrity CS-257. I searched for bowlbacks on Webcrawler and came upon the website: I liked the Ovation like bowlbacks but instead for some strange reason wsa attracted to this model which IS NOT a bowlback. So I guess that means that I still want a bowlback!?! I paid $259 for this model which features a tiger maple top, ash back and sides, four band EQ, mother of pearl cloud fret markers and against my better judgement I picked the green model. I wsa uneasy with this on line purchase but I tried it anyway.

I wsa shocked at the quality, sound and attractiveness of this model. You can tell that alot of thought and effort went into the manufacture of this guitar. The $259 price point is great but the quality is that of a Yamaha or Ibanez at $450+. The 4 band EQ looks rather ordinary but WOW! it sounds great.

One issue that I was surprised at was that the guitar does not come 'set up'. The manufacturer does send some of the most detailed instructions that I have ever seen but I would have preferred it to be set up. Once set up though, the action is low and neck is slim and it 'sings'!

This is s solid instrument, the neck is nato and fingerboard is mahogany. There are no manufacturing flaws and the finish is very thick.

Great instrument. I had a hard time at first because this site is under what looks like final construction. I was curious so I e-mailed their customer service departmentand they sent along some pictures of their guitars and I ordered from that. It seems like they have the right idea though, offering quality instruments at a great price which is much lower than retail stores. Very pleased with my choice and now I am going back to get the roundback on that site that looks like the Ovation CS-257!!!! For $229 how can I go wrong!!!

guitplayer rated this unit 5 on 2003-05-24.

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