Milwaukee Birch Snare Reviews 4

I bought this via eBay from JimLaabs music store. After a cock-up on the UK shipping it cost me about 90 in total, but it still compares favourably with what you'd get new for that money in the UK.

Very well put together using DW hardware and isolators on the shell. All-birch shell - no basswood mix. Got rid of the batter head supplied and put a Remo Emperor X on and it sounds great. A very good sounding and great looking drum for very little cash.

Pretty much nothing, apart from the head supplied. But for that money?

Well-constructed and finished., using high-quality materials and components.

Looking for a wood snare and on a budget? Look at Milwaukee before you commit.

Soporif rated this unit 4 on 2004-03-16.

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