Mitchell MBJ200 Deluxe Reviews 5

This the MBJ200 Deluxe 5 string banjo put out by Mitchell. It is loud and proud a great beginner banjo to learn on or just keep around.

I saw it at Guitar Center they are probably the largest Mitchell dealer. Mitchell also is known for making decent budget acoustic guitars. This is probably the most ornate that the Mitchell line will get and the instrument is priced at $300

It is a closed back design thus making it a fair amount louder than an open backed banjo. It was in tune since the second I grabbed it off of the store shelf. The classy pearloid tuners, fretboard markers and headstock inlay really give the banjo a look that is as sharp as it sounds.


Mahogany resonater and neck. The bridge is made out of maple. The head on the banjo is a nice Remo made head. The weight is 11 pounds, which is fair for a banjo. It's not a back breaker by any means.

A great decision if you want to take a stab at learning the banjo.

Billy rated this unit 5 on 2011-05-25.

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