ModTone MT-CT Chromatic Tuner Reviews 5

This is the MT-CT Chromatic Tuner pedal made by Modtone. Modtone is a newer company I don't remember seeing them before 2009. Anyway, the Chromatic Tuner is a great, efficient, durable tuning pedal that you can see from a mile away.

Saw the ModTone line at my local shop and for $60, I had to give the tuner a shot. True bypass, small sturdy metal box. It can cater to just about any sort of tuning mode you can ask for. Do you tune down? Alternate tunings? No problem.

It is very simple to use. Plug it in, tune up, turn it off and play! Being able to mute my signal while I am tuning is the biggest plus to this or any tuning pedal. Your audience, well, doesn't want to hear your tune! Nor does an audience want to you you play out of tune.

This light is bright! Don't look directly at it, it is brighter than the sun. Great for dark stages, just be cautious.

Sturdy, compact box with a true bypass switch. Can't ask for much else in a tuner. The accuracy on this thing is within plus or minus 3 cents. If you don't know what that means exactly, just know, that is one accurate tuner.

No frills roadworthy tuner. I'm no impressed with some of the newer crazy tuners when a basic accurate tuner like this is all you need.

Billy rated this unit 5 on 2011-03-12.

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