ModTone MT-HT Harmonic Tremor Pulsating Tremelo Reviews 5

Yikes, this pedal has a long name! The Harmonic Tremor Pulsating Tremelo or MT-HT by ModTone is there latest and greatest tremelo pedal. It is a little thinner and longer than a standard Boss sized effects pedal. So if fits on my board nicely. The Input and Output jacks are on the side like a Boss. The knobs are from left to right: Rate, Depth and Wave.

I, like Charlie Sheen, don't sleep, I wait. Where we differ is I am just interested in guitar gear, who the heck knows what he's after? First heard about ModTone when I was looking for a tuner pedal. They sort of make their on niche of pedals. Boutique features in a mass produced, affordable box. The MT-HT runs $80. I bought mine online, but have also seen them for sale in a few local guitar stores.

It is simple to use, gives a hearty spectrum of tremelo and vibrato effects. You want trippy and slow? This pedal has got it! You want a fast paced tremelo that will make you wish you hadn't eaten tacos for lunch? This pedal's got it! Or well if you want a nice middle of the road tremelo, yes this pedal has it.

None. You bought a tremelo pedal and this is what you get. It doesn't do anything extra.

Nice box. The color is purple. The switch is pretty heavy duty. True Bypass, meaning, when it is off, it is off. The knobs are sturdy and have some grip to them.

I cannot think of a better tremelo pedal in it's class. It is sturdy, versatile and affordable. The 3 knobs give you plenty of options without leaving you with a headache trying to dial in a good tremelo.

Billy rated this unit 5 on 2011-03-11.

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