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I purchased this bass preowned at a guitar show in Philadelphia from Bob and Bernie at the Bass Palace (great guys) for the price of $1300 USD but street price on a new one is between $2200 - $2800 depending on the options. I appreciate fine instruments and spare no expense if the quality is there. This bass proves to be no exception. Ed: Reader notes this model is equipped w/3 band bartolini preamp.

The 18v 3 band preamp gives it superior tone flexibility. When you adjusting the controls, the slightest adjustment will alter the tone. The 35"scale gives the bass good focus and solid string action. The neck has no dead spots and even string volume. Control placement is perfect for making adjustments without having to look down on the instrument. A solid bridge that besides normal function, also gives you the ability to adjust the string spacing and quick string changes. DOES NOT SOUND OR PLAY LIKE A GRAPHITE BASS!! It has a 5A quilt top and 3A quilt fingerboard so it looks great as well.

I have no dislikes but the following could be considered dislikes for others looking to pruchase. 1)No active bypass switch in case of battery failure. 2)Very wide neck and string spacing even with the adjustments in. Hand fatigue possible. 3)Above average weight. Its no boat anchor but if you are looking for a Parker Fly you're way off! 4)Over sensitive pickup fader. Fades into pickups quickly.

The construction of this bass is one of the best I have ever seen. It looks like it was made in a machine shop! The finish is flawless!! Quality: Gotoh Tuning gears, ABM bridge, Bartolini Pups & 18v preamp, switchcraft jack, and graphite neck spine. What else could I say.. Great stuff!!

It is a colaboration between Modulus (concept & materials) and Michael Tobias (egonomics & sound quality) Together it may be the "perfect storm" of bass building. Space-age materials meets machine shop precision construction with amazing "non-graphite" tone quality wrapped up in a package that you barely even know is on your shoulder regardless of its weight. There are not many basses in any price range capable of doing this. I have many basses some of which cost 5 times more than this. I always take two instrument to a gig and this is always one of them.....

Greg Juliano rated this unit 5 on 2004-03-15.

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