Modulus Quantum 5 Reviews 5

I got this guitar used at Crescendo. A great small store in littleton, Colorado. I paid $1500 and got a free modulus caise.

This is the bass to have. The carbon fiber neck feels so good and makes the bass easier to handle do to the lighter weight. I use a strap while playing and it releases a lot of tension on my neck. The grandillo fret board feels great! It is so consistant from the low b(0) to the highest g(24). This allows for easy tapping on higher frets without the buzz of traditional necks. The sweet spot burtoloni pick up allows you to slap freely, without the worry of hitting a pick up. It has great tone and awesome response. The ease of control of turning it from a jazz bass to a funk machine is just as easy as turning a nob.

one of my volume controls barely rubs the main body of the guitar.

Modulus basicaly invented the carbon fiber neck on basses, so it is very strong. The main body does seem to scratch easily.

If you want a great bass forever, buy this one.

Chris rated this unit 5 on 2001-08-09.

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