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2 years ago, I purchased a Corvette Yellow Modulus Quantum 6 string Fretless Bass, with the "f" hole on the body that is out this world. I paid $1200 Bucks for it used, and it was money well spent. The condition was so excellent that I thought that Pawn Shop that I got it from manufactured it. Not a Scratch on it.

The Neck is the famous Modulus Graphite neck, and the contour of the neck makes it very easy to play. And the color is bright Corvette Yellow, and when I play out, it stands out very well, as well as the sound. I have another 6 String Bass, which is an Alvarez Bass, but the Modulus is Paradise.

Since the Bass is Fretless, I have to pay more attention to the neck to stay in tune when I'm playing, but that goes with any Fretless Bass, so no big deal. Other than that, there is nothing that I can say that I don't like about the Bass.

The Craftmanship is so precise, and since there are no Frets, there is no Fret buzz. The Strings are the origional Strings that were on the Bass since I first purchased it back in January 2001, and the Strings sound like brand new, No kidding. It has an Awsome sound that I like so much. What is really funny about the Bass is that there are fret lines on the neck, but it's fretless. When I tell people that it's fretless, they don't believe me until I slide my hands up and down the neck, and they hear how smooth the tone up and down, without hearing any frets. It really fools people. Fret lines are not Frets.

One Day I went to Mars Music before they went out of Business of Course, and the Modulus Basses that they sell don't have the "f" hole on the body, and mine does, and Mars Music price tag for their Modulus Basses started at $2500 Dollars, where my Modulus that I picked up at a Pawn Shop is Corvette Yellow, which is very rare for Modulus, unless you have it custom painted your color you desire, also My Modulus Bass has the "f" hole, and only for $1200 Bucks. The workers at Mars Music said WHERE DID YOU GET THAT BASS FROM!! Told them it's a secret. I am a happy camper. God Bless Modulus Basses.

Derek rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-28.

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