MoodLogic Beta Client Software Reviews 5

The software/service lets users intuitively manage large mp3 or wma collections. It can identify songs and automatically classify them by genere, year, tempo, mood and more. It can even fix id3 tags (no typing). Playlist generation and music recommendations are great features. Free download (beta) from

Fully automated music classification (mp3) with a very cool music browser and playlist generator. Automated id3 tag fixing. Community driven.

Music identification takes quite a while. You need a pretty fast Pentium III to fully enjoy it. The database is still limited but seems to grow rapidly

Currently in beta. It seems that it is very robust. Don't wait to get it. It is still free.

A must have if you collect mp3 files! Musicians can use it to categorize their tunes. They will then be included in the search/recommendation engine.

tommy rated this unit 5 on 2001-10-13.

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