MoodLogic Moodlogic Client 2.0 Reviews 5

Free. You receive 25 credits towards 'profiling' your music collection (1 credit = 1 song). Beyond that, you can 'manually profile' songs and earn credits. You can also pay $30 for 10,000 credits

It is an amazing product. These 'profiles' that you pay for or earn, are downloaded from the moodlogic database to your hard drive and provide the basis by which the software mixes playlists based on your preferences. If you want 80-90s aggressive uptempo music it will do that for you. If you want Slower tempo Jazz throughout history you can have that as well. The options are limitless and have saved me hours of sifting through my collection to make playlists.

Some features are still being developed. As the database grows and these are implemented, this will only get better.

Great quality - no crashes problems. Great customer support on their forums/bug subimssion.

Super - try it for a few months and I promise you'll be hooked.

phil rated this unit 5 on 2002-04-19.

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