Morgan Monroe Viking Bass Reviews 4

I started guitar when I was 15 and bass guitar when I was 16. I play alot of punk, rock, funk, metal music. I was in a couple bands but they never lasted very long. Now I'm working on solo stuff.

I bought it in Mandan, North Dakota from Nightlife music store. I paid $340 for it. Bought it because my friends needed a bassist for their band.

It's a great beginner/intermediate bass guitar. Works fairly well for most rock and some metal music. Decent for slapping and popping. Stays in tune pretty well. Not too heavy, neck has 24 frets.

The strapholders come loose fairly often. Has passive pickups. Input jack comes loose every once in awhile.

From what I've seen, it has an alder body, rosewood fretboard, not sure of neck, 24 frets.

Overall, I think it's a great bass if you're just beginning. Would even be a pretty nice second bass with a change of pickups. It's a sturdy bass.

Keenan rated this unit 4 on 2005-11-13.

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