Morley PBA-2 Dual Bass Funk Wah Reviews 5

I bought this pedal thinking that the pedal would answer al my needs for what a pedal should be. Well, it actually lived up to my expectations and i can now play my Rage (Against The Machine) or any other type of funk music with ease and little noise, as opposed to my other pedal, a Rogue. I give $99.00 dollars for this and have had it a little over a month.

This has a switchless transformation from a traditional wah to the inner-planetary funk wah, which i think sounds a lot like a space-age "B" movie about an alien invasion. This is as high-end as you can get and you will not be dissappointed if you get it. You could buy these seperate for a little over $140.00, but why? All you need to do is buy this pedal for your fastest path to wah enjoyment. This is the only wah you will ever need and it will last forever due to it's 2-3 pound steel casing.

I have no dislikes about this, the only thing wrong is you have to keep the spring lubed to prevent squeaking of the spring. This is very common and not at all a problem. All you need to do is take a little thick lube or grease and apply it to the spring. You have to oil a car or truck to keep it in tip-top shape, so why not care for your effects the same way.

This will last forever. No cheap plastic here! Only, a rubber mat and level knob while surrounded heavily by a steel casing that just won't give out. Your foot will wear out before the pedal will. No, i take that back. I mean you ears will give out before this pedal will. It has a boost knob that let's you be different no matter how you look.

Get this if you are not satisfied with your sound. As Shaft-like as you can sound without being shaft himself. You should hook some gain up to this and break out your guitar. This gives almost infinite and definite feedback when the pedal is rocked about half way. this sounds unreal when used with a guitar, thus showing just how versatile Morley can get when they want to. I also think this is the best effect Morley makes, (aside from the Little Alligator).

Andy rated this unit 5 on 2002-08-08.

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