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For those looking for a more aggressive take on the wah than your standard crybaby, the Tremonti is definitely something to look at. It is a great way to take your solos to a new level. Players performing live will love the auto on/off feature-no more accidentally leaving the wah on! [read more on Audiofanzine]

ibanez4life SZ! rated this unit 5 on 2011-04-09.

The only negatives about this unit I can point out are the cheap rubber diamond plate tread and stopper pads on the bottom, and the buffer in the circuit, which seems to color certain overdrives that follow it in the signal chain. The Mark Tremonti signature Wah from Morley is an outstanding pedal for the rock or metal guitarist seeking a uniq... [read more on Audiofanzine]

glassjaw7 rated this unit 5 on 2011-03-17.

I have been playing for about 13 years, and have done alot of different projects. Most of the stuff I do now is studio work and projects like that.

I actually was born and raised on the Jim Dunlop Crybaby. I was really sick of having to push the pedal forward to turn the wah on, & find it to be annoying when live performance was hindered by my inability to play pieces exactly as they sounded on the record. Not only does any wah by morley turn on automatically when your foot its the sucker, but sounds outstanding! I love the tremonti though. I tried the Steve Via version and a couple of others. Good, but not for my sound.

Well, If you like Mark Tremonti's style and sound, then buying this pedal online without hearing it first is safe. I don't usually buy gear without playing on it first, but I trusted that since he put his name and reputation on the line, it must be awesome. None of the stores around my area had one in stock, so I had to order online and keep my fingers crossed that I didn't make a mistake. I got it a week later, plugged it into my rig and the fire started burnin!!!! My wife said I was yellin in the studio. Yeah, it's a good pedal.

It's not my signature Morley wah!

The pedal is very well made. I play Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Roadsters, so the black diamond plate on the pedal matches my amp! It looks cool in my effect rig too!

Bottom line? Want a pedal that cuts through the mix? Want a screamin wah sound that's not only original, but easy to use and sounds f***ing amazing? Then get yourself a Mark Tremonti Power Wah! Good job Mark

unidigitize rated this unit 5 on 2007-02-06.

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