Morley PDWii Pro Distortion Wah Volume Reviews 2

I bought this pedal from the factory for $120US. I gave a friend of mine the money and he bought it for me.

The wah is excellent. The bypass, switching and movement of the expression pedal are great.

The distortion is terrible, I mean i actually got a serious comment from one of my close friends that it sounded as though the guitar had diahorroea (or however you spell it.) And the volume is quite unbalanced i.e. it increases at one point too quickly and makes the guitar audible immediately. The volume circuit also appears to be (I have not opened up this unit) before the distortion unit therefore killing the distortion at lower levels. **Quote from ad** " Great for violin-like swells " more commonly reffered to as 'celloing' this pedal suck at this!

Made of steel w\ hard plastic pedal and serrated rubber footplate for grip. Really good construction. Been banged about a lot - has not affected performance (Not that it was good to begin with). Only problem is the volume\distortion problem in the circuitry mentioned above. And the volume swell problem.

In the end this pedal is only good for the wah. I suggest you buy a multifx pedal if you want all these effects at a cheaper cost than individual pedals (go DOD if you want the individual setup) otherwise get one like I'm saving up for (I have tested this in the store its really great in all aspects execpt it's confusing) - The DIGITECH-GNX2

Me rated this unit 2 on 2003-12-12.

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