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I bought this new in Jan 1978 for $725 or so. I was replacing a Martin D35 that got ripped off & used the insurance money I got for the Martin.

I must have played most of the $300-2000 guitars in the DC area for 3 or 4 months before I found this one & I loved the tone it had the best of all - even ones that were $2k. It sounded like a reworked D 35 [shaved bracing & top, reworked action, etc] right off the rack. I favor 3 piece backs because to me the have a more bluesy, richer tone than the equvalent guitar w/ a std 2 piece back. I like that it's incredibly easy to play. My brother an ex-professional classical guitar player is always blown away by it's sound - He pays a $35k classical axe.

Having to fight off would be buyers.

Excellent wood & construction. Adjustable truss that's accessed in the body so it doesn't show. After 25 years I've made one very minor neck adjustment when. The thin fake turtle shell pick guard came lose on one end about 15 years ago - I still haven't reglued it as it doesn't seem to effect the tone & it hasn't lossened up further. The case it came in is very sturdy & form fitted.

I couldn't be happier. I've had & sold other acoustics, Vintage Fenders, & a rocking tube amp. This one will go to my daughter when her skills are worthy of it.

David H rated this unit 5 on 2003-03-07.

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