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For this acoustic bass guitar I paid 290 euros. Purchased in Alkmaar (Spanjaard, a great guitar shop not very big but good service and good equipment). Why I bought it. I wanted a bass for quick acoustic adventures in my living room. It was difficult to find an acoustic bass, most shops had only one or none models available. So I have to say I didnít had much comparison with other models.

I like that it is acoustic (nice and woody), you can pick it up any time you want and produce sound (an unplugged sound thatís looks like a bass sound). Itís also great for playing slow and acoustic songs (ballads) its gives more feeling in a song. Also slow jazz is nice to play on it. But its sounds better if you plug it in an amp only then itís a real bass.

An acoustic bass is not multifunctional. There are a lot of limits(for playing different music styles) I mean slapping on this bass doesnít sound great If you play it unplugged it does not have a full bass sound (but what acoustic bass has).

It has a laminated top and sides therefore the sound is less full and doesn't feel firm, it has a large body so it feels a little bit clumsy. The pre-amp is sometimes a little shaky but does his job depends on wherefore you are going to use it.

Itís a nice guitar for playing at home practicing and for an occasionally acoustic (for fun)perfomance. If you look at the price and quality this guitar is worth it. It totally depends on what you want in a bass guitar. If you want an acoustic bass for really intense use this is not the guitar for you. If you want to be in a rock/funk/punk band this is not the bass guitar to use (buy a good electric one). If you want a guitar for in your home for practicing and sometimes an acoustic session, this guitar is a nice option.

Simon rated this unit 3 on 2004-10-29.

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