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I bought this about 8 years ago at Daddy's Junky Music, Boston Mass. It was marked $500 (and I knew it was a bargain) which I didn't have at the time. I was sure a bass student at Berkley College of Music would snap it up, but a few days later I had the $ it was till there and marked DOWN to $450.

The bass has a unique shape (even for unique Mourdian). The body is SOLID flame maple, it is not a laminated top, with a clear blue finish. It has two Joe Barden bass PUs which were made specially for Jim Mouradian. When I found Jim nearby, I had him sign it for me. The tone is clear, strong and just a touch of smokey. I've not found a nicer sounding bass. Action is low and fast.

There is however, a 2 note dull spot on the 4th string (2nd, 3rd finger). You have to take the neck off to adjust the neck truss rod (which Daddy's did for me when I bought it).

The quality cannot be beat and I've never seen another solid-flame body, they are all laminated tops.

It's too bad with all the competition that Jim couldn't keep making his Basses with the Joe Barden PUs. He did (does?) make some new models with other PUs.

Wyzard rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-05.

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