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The Ray 34 is the latest from Sterling by Music Man. We are probably all familiar with the Music Man basses, the 3 on 1 headstock design, the single bridge humbucker, the hush hush early on affiliation with Leo Fender. This bass is from their new imported line. It is about half of the cost of a regular US made Stingray.

I have only seen these at Guitar Center, I am not sure, but maybe they are a GC exclusive? I picked it up because it played nice, I wanted 'the musicman sound' and it was only $600.

It is lighter than some of the other Music Man basses out there. Especially the 5-string active models. Ay yi yi, get ready for a sore back. The finish on this was light and the neck felt great. The electronics were silent and gave me that great high end pop that the Music Man tone is known for. The Ray 34 is 21 frets (one upping Fender allowing you to hit that high E on the G string)

I'm not so pleased that this bass is active, but that is only my preference. It does sound great however. I wish this came with a case instead of a gig bag, but being half of the price of a US made model, I guess I can get my own case.

Right off the wall it felt great. The bass had a real balance. No neck dive or anything like that. The action was medium with no fret buzzing. The hardware felt solid and the instrument plays and sounds in tune just as it should.

As close to real thing for half of the money!

Billy rated this unit 5 on 2011-03-14.

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