Music Man S.U.B 4 String Reviews 5

Went round a few music shops, tried this bass out and loved it. The R.R.P for this bass is 699, but I found this price varies greatly between shops. The cheapest (including delivery) appeared to be online at, at 549 and 8 for delivery - a saving of 150!

Its beautiful in every way. I have read loads of reviews on this bass saying that "they obviously saved money on the basses appearence" and how "it took ages to sand the paintjob off." In my opinion, if there is something this major about a bass at this kind of price level that you don't like - don't buy it. In my case, however, I love the matt finish over the gloss, and the crome bridge and tone/volume knobs compliment the bass hugely. The variety of sounds you can get from this is amazing, turn the treble up to get the perfect slap/pop tone, whilst lowering this and pumping up the bass will give a much warmer feel. On top of this, the MM humbucker does a great job of ridding the bass of any kind of crackles, static sounds and unwanted noise. It is completely silent, even with my amp on full volume. Finally, I really love the black painted neck. I have heard many people put this part of the bass down, saying it slows down play. I beg to differ. I find the neck extremely smooth and easy to play, whilst also adding a somewhat different look to the bass.

There is nothing major that I don't like about this bass. They few niggles I have are mainly due to changing from a squire p-bass. For example, it's going to take a while to get used to the G-string tuning peg being on the other side of the headstock - not a huge problem considering how this improves the visual aspect of the bass significantly in my opinion. The scratchplate looks nice, but was clearly not built to last. It feels like cardboard, but I suppose it does what it was designed to do.

This is a really solid bass. I doubt I will ever stop using it as a result of its quality - its superb.

Great bass for a great price - a Music Man california-built bass for under 600! If anything happened to it, I would definately choose this bass again.

Andy Jones rated this unit 5 on 2004-06-27.

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