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Hermies Music Clifton Pk, NY USA $395 with OEM molded case. Both the bass and case are in really ugly cosmetic condition. I mean if ugliness was stupidity, this bass would be Gee Dubyuh. But it's all there and no problems except appearance-wise. I got it first thing monday morning after hearing at supper sunday nite that it had just been taken in trade and priced affordably.

I always thought MusicMan should offer more 2-PU options, and if anything proves that it's a good idea, this Sabre does it. It's sort of like a GnL but with the MM tonal attitude that never did carry over into GnL basses. The range of tonal voices/colors is impressive. One night I cranked up the high end, killed off all the low and played an incredible tick-tack while another bassman laid down the bottom. Hellified machine. Can do Jamerson, jazz, reggae, whatever. Be warned: as far as I've found it can't mimic a Hoffner Beatle bass or upright [aww, don't cry]. Strap balance is just right. I also like that it's lighter than a StingRay and has a faster jazzier neck. The adjustable neck tilt came in very handy for setting it up to my preferences. I further like that it was sold to me cheap and pre-uglified so I don't have to wince every time something bangs into it. Looks as if it used to get packed in with the drum kit hardware.

There's a 3-way toggle for the double PUs but no blender knob and only one [master] gain knob. Even though lighter than most StingRays, it's still one of the heavier basses I've played. Neither of the above is really a major complaint.

Ash [I think] body, 2 parts with seam off-center just inboard of the control cavity. Slim maple neck, bone nut [1.5"], rosewood fretboard with about 22 frets. Rod access at the head, usual MM 3+1 duck foot tuners. 3-bolt neck joint with tilt adjuster. Bridge is not the usual MM style but looks like a G&L bridge even though it's engraved "MusicMan". Pickguard is multi-ply. Finish is 15 years old with a million hairline cracks in it. PUs are pair of exposed pole MM thudwackers adjustable for angle and height. Pots are gain, bass and treble. Toggles [far as I'm able to tell] are the 3-way PU selector, series-parallel, and high-end boost. Uses singe 9v battery under seperate chromed cover on rear, which is retained by 2 machine screws [nice]. The "series" toggle setting does more than put each humbucker in series mode. It seems to join all 4 coils into one giant PU. In "series" mode, the 3-way PU selector toggle has no effect at all. Everything runs at once. Don't know if this is factory or home-brewed as it's a pretty old bass and I've never met another Sabre to compare it to.

More versatile than my G&L ASAT, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Faster than a '66 Jazz, more powerful than a Chevy Suburban. More fun than you can have legally in 42 states or PR. Definitely the poster child of the MM-to-G&L transition. Most importantly it's fun to play. It's not fully a "5" rating in every single area, but overall it's a 4.5 not just a 4, so I'm calling it a "5".

Golem rated this unit 5 on 2004-04-12.

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