Music Man 112RD 100 Watt Reviews 5

Have played for about 37 years! (Yeow!) Kept my hands in it and tried very hard for a while to make a living....Have always had some gigs although a wedding is more likely than a concert these days!

I owned this amp new about 1979-80. I believe I paid about 400 or so.......Crazy Ken's (RIP what a guy!) in Columbia, mo let me have it with a deposit....and then pay off as I could....Had a brief, almost success, in one band.....

This amp has plenty of power. I used this at Kansas City's UPTOWN THEATRE when opening for a few gigs with the Guess Who. It was plenty of amp for this concert and I still had power left over!.....Rough and tumble amp than never ever gave me any problems. The clean was as clean and ballsey as you can imagine and I loved the Fender on 'Fender' sound. Wonderfully balanced and rich sound.

The distortion channel was a little too much 'transister'in sound. I often had trouble when I switched keeping the clean channel and the distortion balanced.....When it's not just right it's TOO LOUD or NOT LOUD ENOUGH...I've picked up another 100 RD amp head (2007) and use it with different cabinets and the POD pedal board.....MAN! I wish I had this available back then for the effects and distortion sound.

The construction was unbelievably excellent! I know when I was on the road that the amp took drops, bad voltage, extreme cold and heat and never, ever had a problem. I always loved this amp....I had to sell it and my 67 Stratocaster for $250 in Florida due to circumstances beyond my control (a woman)...and the need for food and shelter. :) ........This was 1983..

A great amplifier. I'm getting another one (2008) soon.....They sometimes come up on Ebay...some are ragged out and some are closet classics!.......The real problem is finding someone that can work on a guitar amplifier.......I'm about 4 hours from Nashville....there should be someone in that town!

Barry Johnson rated this unit 5 on 2008-01-06.

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