Music Man 112RD 100 Watt Combo Reviews 5

Bought from a friend on the cheap at university. Avoiding homework via guitar.

112 combo with power of a half-stack. great clean tone augmented by big-ass pedalboard. Somewhere between JC120 & Fender Twin tone. 200 Watt EV speaker. Self baising (replaced GE NOS 6L6 with Groove Tube KT66's. Oh yes.) In 15 yrs only had to replace 1 resistor. Transformers the size of grapefruits. Overdrive channel adds boost & low end rumble. Plays well with others (front end OD pedals.) Would marry if legal.

Weak OD - must be augmented w/pedals.

Fantesticle. Balls up.

In love.

Timmy rated this unit 5 on 2004-06-15.

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