Music Man HD-150 / 412-GS Reviews 5

shopping for all occasions,from meek and mild,to hot and wild. found at a pawn shop just as they were rolling it out from the back room, {i pity the man who let it go}.As for what I paid for it is really of no concern.... based on general condition,I would rate this particular amp/cab combo at an easy 9+ . I will say, however, in 30+ years of live performing, {as well as being a highly versatile studio tool},a finer sounding,all-around amp would be very hard to match.Bottom line... it further allows me to express myself in a way , a feel of the things I had never felt before. I would highly recommend MUSIC MAN amplification, and guitars for live and studio productions.



Good,sound construction. Very "road-worthy".

Please see note # 1.

R.W. BARBER rated this unit 5 on 2004-02-13.

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