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I was looking for a new acoustic.I had borrowed one and wanted to get my own and didnt want to spend a whole lot.I read a reveiw for the Yo-100 on this site and decided to give it a try because the Yo-200s were sold out at the time.Im glad I gave it a try its nice guitar.

At first i didnt like the look of it but after having it around i love it. The mahogany back and sites gives off a cool looking red and orange effect in the sunlight. It looks really awsome. the top seemed a little to dark yellow at first but now it seems had lightened up nice and like i said i love it. It stays in tune really well i barely ever have to tune it and im constantly poping a capo on and off as i play. Its easy to play and has great action. I tried some cheaper fenders and epiphones and some other cheap guitars but i really like it. Its a great guitar for 70 bucks. I was pretty amazed and the little gold yo on the headstock looks pretty cool too.

There was a little loose glue i cleaned up on the frets just a little and im kinda picky but cleaned it off no problem.The only big thing was the truss rod seemed to be jamed from sitting in the warehouse. Drove me nuts at first and the 13 fret on the lower e buzzed so i just kept playing and found away to play it without buzzung beside i use this mainly for Praise and worship stuff at church, nothin fancy. Kept using it.Tosed it in the car took it to camp. No problem now, I use it all the time so the trip must have shaken the rod loose and the neck must have eased up a little, no buzz anywhere. Plays great.Other then that its a pretty nice guitar, Im definitley glad i spent the 70 bucks, it was more than worth it.

Looks great for 70 bucks like i said previously, You cant get anything better for the price i think. Nice looking and pretty good made guitar.

If your looking for a first guitar or one to beat on try it out there is a 30 day money back guarentee as far as i know. I tried it and i love it. Im not looking for a new acoustic im just gona Go to Yo music and maybe buy a shadow pick up and an acoustic amp. Take a look, 70 bucks, where ya gona find a good guitar for that price. Yo music has done a great Job.

JFreak rated this unit 5 on 2001-08-05.

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