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How I got it: I acquiered a knowledge of Musician's Friend from a guitar playing buddy. He was really excited about their online services and the fact that they had a pretty decent full color catalog they sent out for free. He couldn't believe I'd never heard of it. That was about 3 years ago.

What I like: I sent off for a catalog and got on their mailing list. I didn't like the fact that you get bumped off their mailing list if you don't buy stuff all the time until I found out it's pretty simple to get back on there just by going online and requesting a catalog.

What I don't like: There is some person that submitted a review of MF on here that REALLY needs a rebuttal. He said all kinds of bad things about MF. I'm sure his bad experience really happened. I can't imagine someone making up a story like that. I just wanted to state for the record all experiences with MF aren't bad. I ordered some strings and stuff from Musician's Friend a couple years ago and I recently (Aug. 2002) ordered and received a Bigsby vibrato tailpiece. My experience was very pleasant.

Describe the quality: I ordered some stuff from MusicYo the same time I ordered from MF. In fact, I placed the MusicYo order first. I like the fact that MF will send to my P.O. box if I want. MusicYo will not. I got the order from MF via Priority Mail in a couple days. The MusicYo order took nearly two weeks. MF was nice enough to get "Bizrate" to send me several surveys telling them what I thought about their service. MusicYo could care less what kind of service I got. MF had a great price on a great product. MusicYo had a good price on one of the things I bought and a so-so price on the other (patch cables and a Gibson cup).

Summary: To sum up, all companies screw up at times. If Musician's Friend didn't give the other guy fair service they screwed up big time. But not enough warrant a vengence campaign against them. Naw, they don't deserve that any more than the guy deserved lousy service. I hate it when companies treat me that way. I just wanted to state for the record that MF never treated me that way. I wouldn't give them a "5 picks" rating but they're not a "1" either. And for the record, I am not a MusicYo employee and I don't have a hidden agenda. I can be reached on email ( if anyone cares to ask but don't expect me to read your email. I'm just an average guy who had pretty decent service from a good company. I think Musician's Friend deserves a fair review. If they get lambasted by someone who had a bad experience I think someone like me who had good service from them should donate equal time. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt.

revincent rated this unit 4 on 2002-08-19.

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