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Bought my Nomad cases at Bang Music in Stafford Va. when I picked up my new Gretsch drums. I got 6 cases (10, 12, 13, 14, 16, & 22) for $170.00 before taxes. I have use fiber cases with my 1981 Slingerlands since new and I know the limits of using fiber cases. For basic protection this is much better than any drum bag and a great price.

The cases I have with my now retired Slingerlands are custom fit to the drum size and I do like there strap system better than the Nomads but the quality of the Nomads fiber is on par with my old cases. The multi-fit design will work with various depths of drums and that is a plus if you get new drums and want to keep your cases. The handles are reinforced and should perform will over time. The flat side panel design is also a real plus.

The cases compared to my old ones (Anvils) are a tad smaller than the old ones and if you have isolations mounts on your toms as I do I suggest you consider going up one size to get a better fit. I had to order a second 13 inch case for my 12 inch drum and us my 12 in case for my 10 inch drum. The 13 inch case worked fine as did the 14 inch snare and 16 inch floor tom. The base drum case could also be a problem but will work with my 22x18 inch drum. My bass drum has larger than normal spurs and tom mount so placing the drum in the case requires an exact location of the spurs with the corners of the case. I may yet get a 24 inch case but right now this is working.

These are fiber cases and will protect your drums from scratches, dirt and grime. If your drum falls of the truck donít expect these cases to protect them from damage. I also knew this with my cases I used with my Slingerlands. Most drummers I know take great pride in their equipment and will be very careful when loading their drums so the key to these are light protection, not heavy abuse protection. Load your own drums and these cases will serve you well. They do not come with foam but a trip to the craft shop can remedy that. Placing foam in the top and bottom will add cushion and support. Remember these cases fit tight to the top and bottom of your drum. Side protection foam is likely not necessary.

I knew when I bought these cases what their limits are and how to use them. I also knew after my purchase price for my new 6 piece Gretsch kit I was limited to how much I could spend on cases. SKBís and others are more than twice the price and yes likely better protection but if your budget is limited take a look at the Nomads. Just remember these do have their limits but will give you basic protection for your kit. PS: My new Gretsch drums are awesome. I have the Catalina Burch in Red Cherry, simply beautiful.

Slingerland/Gretsch Drummer with 35+ Years Experience rated this unit 4 on 2004-12-25.

I bought these inexpensive cases for about $300-$350 5 years ago. A 5 piece set. 12",13",14"(snare),16" & 22". No hardware case.

They can accomodate all different drum heights. A decent set of cases. You can buy a whole set or just one for a decent price. Easily available from the manufacturer. Almost every music store carries them.

They have these silly strap fasteners which can be pretty annoying. There is no foam or any cushening inside the case. The hardware case looks really crappy.

The construction is light-duty. A pipe or something narrow and sharp could easily penitrate the case and damage your drum. Cases must be stored in a dry area. Could easily soak up moisture if kept in a damp area for a long period of time. The handles are good. Nice and comfortable.

Good cases for gigs and transporting around town. Basic protection. But, if you add some foam to the inside of the cases for added protection it would be much better. I have a SKB harware case 'cause it's so heavey you need a good case. Mine have stood the test of time. If you take of them, they'll take care of you

Toshi Takahashi rated this unit 3 on 2004-06-14.

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