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Been playing a long time-currently in a band playing guitar-likes most styles of rock, r&b, country, jazz, blues, etc.

I have 9 of these mics. For the last 3-4 years, I've gone over to Musicians Friend, and bought their "Buy One, get 2 Free" offer for these Mics. For $19.99. So, I made 3 purchases. Not bad.

For the price, I wasn't expected anything of real quality. But at the same time, I've been pleasantly surprised at just how well these Mics do. They're great for mic'g amps, drums, using them for backup vocals. If someone shows up @ the gig w/out a mic, I give them one of these, and it works. Usually the drummer gets one!!! Musicians Friend has ppl reviewing these, and most reviews compare these as a close resemblance to the the Shure SM-57 or 58. I'd say that's stretching it, but it does have gold plated XLR endings, so there you go. Does have a warm, balanced tone/sound to it. NeoDymium designed mics. Well EQ'd tone; bass, mid, highs. Not bad-3 for $20 bucks? $6.66 average each, oh no!!! Rugged Zinc Chassis. Mesh Ball Heading. Solid, rugged little Microphone.

Sound is a little weak; nothing to really complain about. Overall, nothing to really bag on about these mics. No On/Off switch, but that's no big deal, really.

Built solid; had to resolder the wires in one of mine, and it was fine. Due to my personal abuse. Nady makes some decent stuff; improving their P.A. products all the time.

These are good Mics for a band on a budget(and who ISN'T these days?)wanting an all purpose microphone. I'd get these ones until you can afford the Shures, AKG's, better quality Mics. You can't go wrong with these Mics, especially for the price! GET 'EM!!!

Jiver rated this unit 4 on 2006-11-03.

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