Nady PRM 400 Powered Mixer Reviews 5

I purchased this unit from a dealer in North Carolina, but ultimately it shipped directly to me from the Nady Headquaters in California.

I like the fact that it is a fully functional mixing board (console) with all of the capabilities of a Mackie VLZ 1200, but it is also powered with 400 watts and rack mountable. Also it weighs under 30 pounds which is a real plus +++++

It ships with rack ears that I had to install. Their documentation is a little weak as to how to do this. Nady sent another document to me that was a little better. The unit comes with sides on it that are heavy moulded plastic. They have handles built into the sides...I guess this is if you don't want to rack mount it and have to pick it up and move it around. Once I figured how to get the handles off, it was easy to install the rack ears which are made from sturdy metal as is the housing of the entire board. You have to virtually unscrew every screw around the edges of the board to get the handles off and the ears on. This made me a little nervous, but it worked out okay after I spoke with a tech and they assured me it was the way to do it. The faders have to be pushed up to really respond. They respond well after they get about half way up, but the first half of the fader slide gives little response.

The construction is solid. The knobs are a little bigger than the Mackie board and have dented centers. The knobs are covered in a hardish foamy covering that makes them a little easier to grip than the smaller Mackie knobs with plain plastic knobs. There are on board effects that are really okay for general purposes. The amp is really powerful. I am running two Bose 802's off the board and there is plenty of good clean power. Also there is plenty of rounting abilities and inserts on the channels. There are 6 channels, plenty of space for a quartet and seperate monitor controls, headphone jack with seperate volume control.

I'm very happy with this board and thrilled that I went from a Mackie VLZ and a heavy 50 pound Mackie Amp to a unit that more fits my needs for small venues and a weight that doesn't leaving me rubbing my lower back at the end of the night. It's fully functional and intuitive with all the power I need. If you want to purchase one, or take a look they are at Musicians Friend ( for $329.00!

jazzchops rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-08.

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