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purchased via ebay from a company in Germany for my brother to give to his neighbour, who he was teaching guitar. cost was 40.00 brand new!

I expected the guitar to be a cheap and nasty thing but adequate for a beginner. Cheap it was...nasty it wasn't!!! When it arrived I was pleasantly surprised. The look and feel of it was quite impressive.The action was nice and low, no fret buzz and the overall sound was very good indeed. If you're looking for a good quality beginners guitar or even a good sounding knockabout one..don't hesitate. Damned good value for money, in fact I may well get myself one for playing round the campfire.

For the price there's nothing to dislike. It's not a Loughton or a Martin but for 40 quid ..who cares!!

very well made,nicely finished (not too ostentacious).Good low action, good rounded sound, well balanced.

excellent value for money guitar. well worth buying, especially if you can get one as cheaply as I did!

songsticks rated this unit 5 on 2004-09-27.

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