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I got these pedals from axe music in Edmonton, Alberta in April 2005. I paid $210 which is very cheap in comparision to iron cobra doubles which here will run you about $400 and dw 5000s which will set you back about $550. It came with 4 dual sided beaters and the pedals but no case.

The main reason that I bought these pedals was the price, because I tested the iron cobra powerglides and while the quality of the iron cobra was better the feature are still the same. You can independently adjust the beater and from the footboard angle andit has a double chain. Another thing is that if you end up buying a second bas drum, you can diconnect the connecting rod and put one of there beaters in the left pedal and you can have two seperate pedals.

The only thing I really did'nt like was the quality of the constrution of the pedal. It won't last near as long as other more expensive pedals, but while it does last it can easily match up with many more expensive pedals.

too many plastic parts that should be metal or plastic

Great pedals for the money with many sweet features

Lars is my hero rated this unit 4 on 2005-05-05.

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