Neumann TLM 102 Reviews 5

I use this mic daily but it is not our go to microphone. I do like it for vocals but only if the singer that you are using is trained and knows how to work a microphone correctly. There are better dummy proof mics out there and to be honest if I were on a limited budget try finding the hand made Superlux on Ebay which is a copy of the U87. I d... [read more on Audiofanzine]

chrislieck rated this unit 4 on 2012-09-25.

Neumann TLM102 Studio Microphone is a great product made by the famous Neumann company. What I like most about it, it's the compact design and how in depth this mic captures the signal. Another great thing about this mic is the large diaphragm microphone with cardioid directional feature, the sound pressure level of 144 dB also allows to rec... [read more on Audiofanzine]

BeyondR rated this unit 5 on 2012-09-12.

I think that this is probably not my favorite Neumann mic that I've tried, but it's the only one that I could use regularly as it isn't as expensive as the other ones I've tried. I actually like using it on acoustic guitars a whole lot, but I've used it on some vocalists and have had pretty good results. I certainly would tend to use a nicer Neu... [read more on Audiofanzine]

mooseherman rated this unit 5 on 2010-04-28.

I don't own a Neumann TLM 102 myself, but have used one recently a few times in a professional studio for recording vocals. This is probably the least expensive Neumann condenser microphone on the market, so if you're looking to get that Neumann sound without spending a ton of cash, the TLM 102 is a nice option. While it doesn't sound as full ... [read more on Audiofanzine]

moosers rated this unit 5 on 2010-02-21.

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