Norman B15 (12) Reviews 5

Purchased from Bang Music Stafford Va paid 178.00 1/2 off sale Just out looking to see what was out there. First time in the store. Had been looking at alot of asian made guitars. (Seems like that is where most under 500.00 guitars are made) This caught my eye and I couldn't let it go.

Very clean, straight up guitar. Sounds great, well made, and looks very attractive. Blond cherry wood (this unit is a laminated top) The action is very nice and very playable. Check there website

It needs a stap button on the heel of the neck, but I am leary about having it done. The rosette is painted or stenciled. I didn't really notice it until I had it for a month. Neither dislike affects the sound.

I have had this guitar for almost five yrs and traveled by air across coountry about five times, never a worry. I do loosen the strings and put the gutiar in the overhead. I onced checked it in, but didn't care for the security (or lack of) at the baggage claim. The fit of the guitar is very precise, well made. The company has done an excellent job, I like the finish, a lacquer based non gloss. Gives the appearance of just wood.

This guitar replaced an old Harmony clunker, which had replaced a Hondo. Neither guitar compares to this one. I am quite happy with this one. I would hate to lose it. I play for my own pleasure, and sometimes for the enjoyment of really good friends. (they encourage me to keep practising) While not in the price range of Martins, Taylors, and Gibsons, the sound and quality makes this a solid value.

Mike K rated this unit 5 on 2005-05-27.

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