OLP MM2 4-String Reviews 5

I purchased my OLP MM2 from Guitar Center , in Tempe,AZ. I initially bought a MM2- 4-string, a week later I traded it in on the MM3 / 5-string. The MM3 is also a decent bass for the dough. I personally didn't adjust well to the 5-strng, but thats my preference, and traded it back in for the 4-strg. again. My salesman thought I was " nuts", and I busted his balls all the way!! When it comes to my bass, I have to be 100% comfortable, and I'm pretty picky. Your instrument is essentially an extension of your dick, so it becomes very important as to how you want your dick to feel in your hands to show the female fans, that you can control, and conquer with it.

Its easy to play, and it has a killer tone to it. Almost like a built in funk-groove sound to it. For a 20 fret bass, its playability and delivery are awesome.. I thought I could never convert from my old 24 fret/ long scale..I was wrong !!

the saddles on the bridge can be a pain in the ass to adjust properly, when doing an intonation. They are the cheapy saddles! if they were a grade higher, I think the bass would be untouchable !!!

its fairly light!! and it fits in your hands nicely..an easy to control bass, is a bass you can master, and sound spectacular on...

when I become a famous Rockstar, I will endorse this bass,, as long as they give em to me for free.....Ahhhh hAAAAAAAAAaAA

the bassist from the badlands! rated this unit 5 on 2003-11-11.

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