OLP MM2 Four String Bass Reviews 4

This lovely instrument was purchased at my local Sam Ash in Srasota, FL, for $200. In high school jazz band, i played my uncle's Stingray Four bass, a true MusicMan. I wanted that same feel and enjoyment but without the large price tag, and i got it with OLP's MM2.

Fit and finish is the second best thing on this bass as playability and tone comes second to none in anything this price range and higher. MusicMan keeps a close eye on thier OLP products and it shows when you play thier instruements. The weight is perfectly balanced, the neck is smooth and can accept any kind of playing style. Hardware is decent and electronics are very well installed and of great quality.

The only problem i have ever had with my MM2 was the sadle bridge. It takes a bit of time to set up and should be done by a professional as it may frustrate a player to no end. When it comes out of the box, for some unknown reason, double check the tightness of the input jack as it might be loose, just a precaustion.

The finish (Pearl Blue on mine) is very nice and holds up well to long hours of practice and lots of hot lights and sweat while on stage. The electronics are sound and the tone is right on, keeps in tune and sounds great through any amp, even without effects. The neck and body joint is tight and even takes on a near "neck through" sound from teh good choice of woods used in construction. Tunders stay put and can take a few bumps and not loosen on you.

Though not the end all be all of basses, the MM2 is a far better instrument than nearly all others from it's price range as far up to as those costing $600-700. Holds tune and intonation well once set and the action allows for hours of play without buzzing or digging trenches into your fingers. The best beginer bass available and one that can grow with the player for a long time to come.

Digis McLoed-=-DiGiS Studios rated this unit 4 on 2004-01-19.

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