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This is the Pearl Blue MM2 by OLP. It is a copy of the Ernie Ball Music Man. Originally OLP was Ernie Ball's import line, but now Ernie Ball has an import line that I believe replaced OLP.

I paid $100 for it used. It was in beat shape, but I wanted a cheap bass to learn how to setup and work on electronics. Basically the humbucker acts as 1 single coil pickups and the electronics are setup like a Fender Jazz bass. Volume, Volume and Tone

I liked the color. The humbucker got a very mid heavy burpy tone. It looked much like the much more expensive Musicman basses

The quality stinks! The neck was always warped. I don't even believe for a second that the neck is solid wood. I ripped the frets off and still couldn't get a usable action out of it. The pots and jacks are as cheap as it gets. The humbucker, body and hardware are the only non-junk parts on it.

Well I think I spilled the beans above. The neck is trash. The tuners although bent easily they held tune. The bridge was easy to adjust. The body felt solid. I think the inside has a nice layer or so of shielding paint.

I'll sum it up with, if you need a cheap bass, this is better than no bass, but don't plan on getting too much mileage out of it. A Squier or used Fender will work out much better for you. If you Musicman sound is what you're after save up. Ernie Ball released a newer overseas line that is 10 fold better than the OLP, but not as nice or expensive as the American line.

Billy rated this unit 2 on 2010-11-09.

I Stumbled Upon This Brand Bass On Ebay. Someone Bid Against Me In Another Auction & For Spite I Checked What He Was Bidding On & Found This Fantastic OLP Blue Pearl Color Musicman Stingray Copy & Authorized Bass! I Bought This Bass Without Ever Picking One Up & "Jamming" On Me Own <(Spoken British) I Just Knew This Ebay Sniper Bidder Was NOT Going To Get This Bass *BUT FIRST* I Read Some Reviews On It, A Little Research & La-La-La. Also Found On Musicians Friend Website But> Go Figure,,They Did'nt Have One To Sell To Me?? Oh Well, Back To Ebay & "Lurked" In The Background (Like My Sniper Pal Did To Me) Til The Last Moment & $164.50 Later It Was End Of Auction & All Mine Complete With Soft Case & Extra Set Of Strings! Sorry, I'm Feeling Much Better Now!

VERY Easy To Play. Neck Not Too Wide (Kinda Between Precision/Jazz. Love The Tones From This Monster! I Also Own & 1984 Fender MIJ Jazz Bass Special & A Gibson So-And-So & Use The OLP As My Main Axe-Of-Evil Now Carrying The Gibson As A Backup. The Finish/Paint Is Fabulous, The Hardware O.K. Only Whats Mentioned In Next Section About "Dislikes".

It Came With A Plain White Pickguard But "Spoiled Me" Wanted A White Pearloid Pickguard To Skyrocket The Look To The Moon & Be Different BUT>> In My Research I Failed To Find Out About Tech Support!! THERE IS NO OLP TECH SUPPORT. My "Nice" Emails To OLP & "Authorized" Distributors Yielded No Response Til My Emails & Patience Turned Ugly. One Response Said "Oh! No Problem! Just Contact An "Authorized" OLP Dealer/Store For All Your Wants/Needs">>>> Not. Final Word Is OLP Has No Plans For Extra/Spare Parts Availability & Has Told "Authorized" Dealers Under NO Circumstances To Sell Parts! I Even Understand Now OLP Only Has What Was Described As A "Shoebox" Of Parts ONLY For Warrantee To Keep The Prices Low? So, End Result Is Custom Parts From Wherever You Can "Google Search" Them. The Good Result For Me Is I Now Found & Opted For A Blue Pearloid Pickguard & Custom Dome Knobs (Chrome/Pearl Blue) & They Are On The Way.

Quality, Construction Nets A 8 Out Of 10 High Rating. Not Pleased With The Bridge (Someone Help Me Find A Heavy Duty Type?) Found No Major Flaws To Entertain Or Hoot About.

The OLP MM2 Musicman Stingray Copy Is A Fantastic Bass For The Money. The Look, Feel & Playability Of It Measures Up To Basses That Cost Many More $$$$$$$$. As Far As The "Lack Of Tech Support" Thing, I Am In Therapy & Under Observation For That Now & Next Week They Will Let Me Go Out On My Own >I Think??

Jakeblues rated this unit 4 on 2004-02-23.

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