OLP MM5 Stingray Copy Reviews 4

OLP stands for Officially Licensed Products. They are most know for making copies of Ernie Ball instruments. I have also scene a few copies of Spector and Warwick basses, but due to legal problems the company stuck mostly with Ernie Ball copies, predominantly Musicman copies.

My MM5 I recently purchased used at Guitar Center for $185 with a gig bag. Brand new the instrument probably costed just under double that around $300.

I really like the looks of it! It looks like a real Stingray besides the obvious OLP logo, passive electronics and 4-bolt neck plate as opposed to a 6 bolt.

The neck feels good, the tuners hold tune and the bridge functions as it should, but this bass needs help in the tone department. First the bass is wired in parallel, think a Fender Jazz bass. I plan on doing the series mod to fatten it up a bit. While I'm at it I'll at least drop new electronics; pots, cap and jack. All in all I hope to make a sleeper out of this for under a hundred bucks of mods.

The construction is rock solid. My bass is natural finished wood with a black pickguard. I much prefer this over the one with a fake flamed body and the pearl pickguard.

A great low rent 5 string bass to keep in my stable until I need it. Definitely consider modifying the wiring to series and giving it some better electronics. Overall it can be setup to play and sound great with a little work.

Billy rated this unit 4 on 2011-11-22.

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